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Traffic Violations



Life gets busy. Kids are screaming, you are late for work (because of a traffic jam on I-77, most likely), or you are jamming out to the music. It happens. We get it. Whether you've been charged with going 10mph over the speed limit or 30mph over the speed limit, we can discuss with you the different reductions and available options for your case. This is what Nicole calls her "handy-dandy toolbox" and each client has their own individual toolbox that she will apply to their case.

In North Carolina, some common reductions Nicole obtains for our clients are 9mph over the posted speed limit, prayer for judgment continued, unsafe movement, and improper equipment. Each reduction requires the knowledge and understanding of your driving record, the consequence of each outcome on your license, and a particular awareness of when you can and should use which one. Nicole regularly practices in Gaston, Lincoln, and Iredell Counties and is intimately familiar with the practices and procedures utilized in each judicial district.

Speeding in Excess of 90mph

North Carolina takes speeding in excess of 90mph very seriously. Most counties will not reduce any speed that is in excess of 90mph and the Division of Motor Vehicles will suspend your license for a conviction or guilty plea of speeding in excess of 90mph. There are ways to prevent such a suspension, such as a plea to a Reckless Driving charge and asking the Judge for a PJC (with the appropriate circumstances and actions). A PJC could not only save your license from suspension, but it could also result in zero insurance or license penalty of any kind. At the same time, using a PJC could also negatively affect your license status if you are not eligible for PJC. Again, there is no “one size fits all” resolution- as the outcome of each case depends on the particular details of each charge and circumstance. Sometimes the best (and only) option is to ask the Judge for a limited driving privilege. Nicole has gained respect across many courtrooms and is successful in using the appropriate method for obtaining a limited driving privilege. 

Reckless Driving

Often related to high speeds or accidents, Reckless Driving can seriously impact your driving record. In addition, North Carolina considers Reckless Driving a Class 2 misdemeanor in most cases. Thus, it is more than a simple traffic citation. Such a conviction can have severe consequences and should not be ignored. Oftentimes, Nicole is able to negotiate with the State to reduce this charge and prevent any suspension, record, or other threat to your future.

Other Traffic Offenses

These are many other reductions and outcomes Nicole is skilled in obtaining by utilizing her handy-dandy Tool Box. Sometimes, the State will only reduce a high speed to 14mph over the speed limit. In that situation, a popular reduction to seek is Unsafe Movement or 9mph over (depending on the county and
driving record).

The best way to ensure you get the best resolution is to hire our experienced North Carolina traffic ticket attorney. We offer free consultations.

The Toolbox Tactic...

When facing a traffic ticket or citation, there are far more consequences than just paying fines. Do not just pay off the ticket. Doing so will mean you plead guilty and could add points to your license or insurance.


You probably have more options than you may realize! Each case is different and each driving record is different. The best way to handle your case depends on what is available for use in the tool-box. Our attorney will explain all of your options available, her advise on which tool to use, and the result of such action. 


Think of our team as your guide. Once we decide on the best tool to use from the tool-box, we will deploy that tool needed in the courtroom for you. 

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